Application for Floating Art 2018

Application for Floating Art 2018

In the summer of 2018 Vejle Art Museum will focus on young art and architecture on Vejle Fjord. With Floating Art 2018, we want to make the fjord a platform for new tendencies in contemporary art, where the characteristics of both art and architecture come into play.

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Vejle Art Museum calls for art and architecture projects that occupy the water where they will be surrounded by forests, beaches and a port area in rapid development. We expect a work of art that turns heads, floats and works well on the water, and relates to the water. You decide how.

Floating Art takes place along the marina, located at the bottom of Vejle Fjord. The harbour is a lively area where new meets old and where many different people come and go. Here you will find the kayak club, the iconic buildings known as Bølgen (The Wave), Rødkilde Gymnasium (Grammar School) and Vejle Marina. Here are fishing spots, residential properties, Skyttehushaven park and Kirk Kapital’s new headquarters, designed by Olafur Eliasson.

Your work may be interactive, a performance, a sculpture or an architectural project. We invite artists as well as architects, from Denmark and abroad, to submit proposals for works. An artistic jury chooses the 12 works that will be exhibited on the fjord in the period 23 June-2 September 2018.

The jury consists of:

Sanne Kofod Olsen, Principal, Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)
Jacob Fabricius, Artistic Director, Kunsthal Aarhus
Anders Abraham, Professor and Architect, KADK
Morten Kirk Johansen, Designer, Kirk Kapital
Pernille Rom Bruun, Curator, Vejle Art Museum

Each participant in Floating Art 2018 will receive an exhibition fee of 25,000 kroner.

How to apply

You will find the application form for Floating Art 2018 below. Complete the form and upload your project description, CV and a sketch or other visual documentation of your work.

Deadline for submission of application and material: 16 March 2018

Please read through the application form carefully before completing. For any queries regarding Floating Art 2018, please contact Curator Pernille Rom Bruun on: / 2974 0456.

The works will be exhibited along a three-kilometre stretch from Vejle Marina to Skyttehushaven park. See the area on Google Maps.

Changing wind directions and aspect ratio should be taken into account, so that the work can be seen from land (approx. 20 metres). The work must be able to float on 70 cm of water at mean sea level. In the fjord, the water level typically fluctuates by +/- 30 cm for the mean sea levels. By the main bridge (the pier at the marina) and approx. 20 metres out, there are about 1.5m of water and the opportunity to launch a deeper work.

Keep in mind that the work will be in sea water from 23 June to 2 September, and that salt water naturally affects the material.


Vejle Art Museum offers to transport the work from the artist's address to Vejle and back.

Vejle Art Museum offers to launch the work.

Floating Art's location in Vejle Fjord means that seawater and weather conditions may damage the work. Vejle Art Museum is not responsible for this.

Vejle Art Museum pays an exhibition fee of 25,000 kroner (approximately 3350 euro). All participating Danish artists receive a display fee according to the law. 

With the application you must submit:

- A project description, max. 1 A4 page

- A visual presentation of your work, (max. 3 pictures in JPEG format between 50 kb and 2 MB)

- CV, max. two pages

- Application form (Read and complete the application form)

All of these are to be uploaded below:

Which materials is your work made from?
We will take specific wishes into account, but the final placement of the work will be decided by Vejle Art Museum.
Filer skal være mindre end 2 MB.
Tilladte filtyper: pdf
max three JPEG pictures. Min 50 kb and max 2 MB
Filer skal være mindre end 2 MB.
Tilladte filtyper: jpg jpeg
max three JPEG pictures. Min 50 kb and max 2 MB
Filer skal være mindre end 2 MB.
Tilladte filtyper: jpg jpeg
max three JPEG pictures. Min 50 kb and max 2 MB
Filer skal være mindre end 2 MB.
Tilladte filtyper: jpg jpeg
Filer skal være mindre end 2 MB.
Tilladte filtyper: pdf

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