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How to install and use our multi-language guide app

In the guide app you'll find:

How to...:

Install the guide app:

Use the guide app:

  • Choose the museum/place you are
  • You can change your language preference in the Settings menu (danish: "Indstillinger") in the bottom right corner.
    • The app supports machine translation in 45 different languages.
  • Choose the exhibition you want to know more about, and browse the objects/works/themes below the introtext.
  • In some exhibitions you can use the three digit number found on the physical signs in the museum to find info about the specific object/work/theme. Press the blue keypad icon to enter the number.

The app machine translates texts and can read them aloud to you. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good 🙂 Please note that audio- and videoguides are in danish.