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This page contains current information about how the COVID-19 situation affects your visit or participation in our events.

(updated 19-01-21)

The Cultual Museum and Vejle Art Museum is temporarily closed.

Remember that all our outdoor sights are open as usual: The Iron age village i Vingsted, The Landscape sculpture in Tørskind, and more.

Take care of each other until we meet again! ❤️


Until we know otherwise, these are the measures in effect, when we re-open:

  • You must wear a face mask or visor when you visit our museums. If you do not have your own face mask/visor with you, you can get one in the museum shop.
  • Please keep a safe distance to other guests. Signs show the capacity of each individual room at the museums.
  • Use hand sanitizer before you enter the museum, and before and after you touch touchscreens and other installations.

Please note that these measures might change.

The stricter assembly ban will affect some of our planned events:

  • Concerts, lectures and similar events with seating are held as planned.
  • Guided tours of Vejle Art Museum are held in a room with seating followed by you visiting the exhibition on your own.
  • Guided tours in Fjordenhus are unfortunately cancelled until 1. march 2021

If you have signed up for an event that is affected by the stricter rules of assembly, you will receive an email with further information.

Purchased tickets for cancelled events are automatically refunded to the card used for payment.

  • It usually takes less than a week for banks and ticket providers to complete the refund.
  • However, Mastercard payments can take up to a month.
  • If it is more than 6 months since you bought the tickets, we no longer have access to your payment information, due to GDPR. In that case, you must contact us on tel. 7681 3100, so that we can refund the purchase manually.

This page is updated regularly