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This page contains current information about how the COVID-19 situation affects your visit or participation in our events.

(updated 31 january 2022)

The museums are open

All restrictions are lifted.

Please be considerate of other guests when visiting the museums ❤️

👪⬅️➡️👪 Please keep a safe distance to other guests.

🧼👏 Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before you enter the museum, and before and after you touch touchscreens and other installations.

You are welcome at all our outdoor sights: The Iron age village i Vingsted, The Landscape sculpture in Tørskind, The Egtved Girl's grave, The Ravning Bridge, Vejle Windmill and more.

Please note that the indoor exhibitions at The Egtved Girl's Grave and Vejle Windmill are closed in the winter months.


This page is updated regularly