læs højtvm-speaker

Heroine of Hope and Crying Skeletons

Heroine of Hope and Crying Skeletons is a very special collaboration project between the Norwegian artist Marit Benthe Norheim and the Norwegian-
British composer Tonje Terese, who operates under one of her many aliases, MIRRORship.

Marit Benthe Norheim is known on Vejle Fjord. In 2017, she exhibited her famous floating female sculptures, ‘Life-Boats’.

Tonje Terese/MIRRORship relies heavily on the sea and its creatures and states in her music.

Both work using different artistic media and in this project, they join their personal stories together into a narrative of identity and belonging.
The project consists of two concrete sculptures created by Marit Benthe Norheim with a sound piece by Tonje Terese/MIRRORship.

Heroine of Hope is the mermaid in the water whose tail symbolises the symbol of eternity and the unbroken life cycle. The second sculpture, Crying Skeletons on land, relates to Justin Timberlake’s song and the exhibition title, and weeps for the world while longing for the mermaid who carries hope and a bright globe.

The project wants to give voice to unheard voices underwater and worlds that are different from our own.

Photo: David Stjernholm