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Inspiration and wonder for the brain and the heart... and fresh air for the lungs!

Nature and History

Vejle River Valley is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark. On top of that, it offers a handful of experiences for both cultural interested adults and curious families with children.

Climb The Egtved Girl's Grave, visit Harald Bluetooth's Ravning Bridge, enjoy Robert Jacobsen and Jean Clareboudts monumental landscape sculpture in Tørskind Grusgrav, play and experiment with water at The Randbøldal Museum and come close to the animals and the past in The Iron Age Village in Vingsted.


Travel back in time to the Iron Age.

Visit the Iron Age village

Rand­bøldal Mu­seum

The Randbøldal Museum offers exciting and challenging experiences for the whole family.

Visit the Randbøldal Museum

The Egt­ved Girl's Grave

One of Europe’s finest Bronze Age finds was made in Egtved outside Vejle. Here, a young Bronze Age woman was found laid to rest in a mound.

Visit The Egtved Girl's Grave

Tørskind Land­scape Sculp­ture

One of Denmark’s few landscape sculptures is located in a former gravel pit at Tørskind near Egtved.

Visit Tørskind Landscape Sculpture

The Rav­ning Bridge

The Ravning Bridge was built in the Viking Age during the reign of King Harald Bluetooth, around the year 980. It measured 760 metres and crossed Vejle River Valley at the widest place, just 10 km south of the royal seat in Jelling.

Visit the Ravning Bridge

Museums in Vejle:

Vejle Art Museum

Spend a couple of inspiring hours at Vejle Art Museum.

Visit Vejle Art Museum

The Cul­tural Museum Vejle

Experience how the world we know today was created.

Visit The Cultural Museum in Vejle