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The Randbøldal Museum offers exciting and challenging experiences for the whole family.

The museum is open May - September

The Randbøldal museum is closed for the winter, until May 2024.

Open hours:

  • May 4. - June 16.: Weekends 10 AM - 4 PM
  • June 18. - September 1.: Tuesday – Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM
  • September 7. - September 29.: Weekends 10 AM - 4 PM

October 2024 - Maj 2025: Closed for the winter

Jutland’s first industrial village

Bring your picnic basket and enjoy nature, history and crafts. Children and adults can learn about oldfashioned paper and cloth production, frolic with water experiments and test the power of water.

Discover the museum’s new permanent exhibition on the history of the site. The exhibition presents the history of industrial production in Randbøldal from 1732 to 1983.

Learn how uninhabited farmers’ land on the edge of the heath became Jutland’s first industrial village, how Randbøldal went from paper mill to cloth factory in 1846, and who had the greatest influence on the development.

Randbøldal Museum is located on a site that formerly housed one of Denmark’s first factories, Engelsholm Papirfabrik, which was built in 1732. Here, paper was produced until 1846 and since then textiles. The entire basis for the production was the hydropower in the form of the Vejle river, which at this point runs through a narrow meltwater valley.


The weaving and paper guilds

Randbøldal’s weaving and paper guilds use the workshops. They are known for their beautiful designs and fine craftsmanship.

It is possible to try the old crafts in the workshops when events are held.

On Wednesdays during the museum’s opening hours or by appointment, there is an opportunity to meet the guilds and participate. Through expert guidance, it is possible to get to know and try the old crafts. Young and old. Beginner as well as practiced.

The museum shop is therefore packed with amazing woven goods and homemade stationery, as well as books, crafts, handmade soaps and many other gift items. You can also buy drinks and ice cream.


Play with water

The outdoor water experiments give you a feel for the thing which is the basis of the story of Randbøldal, namely hydropower. Here, children and adults can do battle with the weight of the water and raise the water with simple and historical techniques such as Archimedes’ screw, draw well, tilt well, treadmill and an entire lock system.

Parking and Accessibility

Free parking.

Chair lift up to the first floor of the museum. However, there is no ramp from the parking lot into the foyer.