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Vejle’s landmark number 1!

Situated on the hillside in the southern end of Vejle, the beautiful old mill can be seen from most of the town. From the Windmill’s balcony there is an impressive view of Vejle, Grejsdalen, Vejle Fjord and Vejle River Valley.

There has been a mill on the site since 1846, but the current building dates from 1890 and its interior machinery are from the 1930s. The first windmill was originally built at Pjedsted 16 km south of Vejle. In the mid-1800s, however, a winter replacement was needed for Mølholm Water Mill, so that grain could still to be milled even when the water froze to ice. The mill was therefore moved from Pjedsted to Vejle.

The location on the steep southern slope, with views over the town resulted in the mill being occupied during both Schleswig Wars by Danish and German troops.

Despite the military measures, however, the windmill suffered no damage.

The building served as a mill until 1960, and its impressive interior machinery shows how the mill worked. The mill is an important part of the overall history of mills in Vejle, but focus has also been on the windmill itself – for example during the occupation of Vejle in 1864 or the two times the mill was on fire, in 1890 and 1938.

In the last fire, only a few parts of the mill were damaged, the walls and wings survived, and thus the mill is largely intact from 1890.

The windmill is of the type ’Dutch gallery mill’ and is 20 meters high. The whitewashed mill is brick built up to the cap-shaped mill hat covered with roofing felt. Inside, the mill consists of three floors and a hat ceiling.

Vejle Kunstforening (Vejle Art Association)

Vejle Windmill also houses Vejle Kunstforening (Vejle Art Association). It is possible to visit the mill out of season when Vejle Kunstforening opens it.

Read more about their opening hours and current exhibitions at: vejlekunstforeningmoellen.dk (in danish)

Vejle Windmill
Vejle Windmill