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Robert Lund-Jensen, 1954

About the work

The sculpture Mor og barn (Mother and Child) was created by the sculptor Robert Lund-Jensen. Here a woman and her child are portrayed as healthy, natural and life-affirming. The simple lines emphasize the bodies’ natural shapes and proportions, which are also sensual and lush. The motif of mother and child is universal and known throughout history, and at the same time it is a recognizable image that most people know from home. The motif radiates calm, harmony, and intimacy, and draws clear references from the Christian tradition’s images of the Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus, which can add additional value to any motif with mother and child.

The sculpture was donated to Vejle town by Vejle Bank (now Sydbank) in 1954.


About the artist

Robert Lund Jensen (1915-2003), also called Little Robert, was born in Odense into a family of craftsmen, diagonally opposite H.C. Andersen’s house. Robert Lund-Hansen was trained as a painter in 1935, but at the same time had a great interest in creative art, and in 1935-36 he became a student of the sculptor Erik Cohrt.

The big breakthrough came in 1947, when Robert Lund-Jensen won a national competition for a monument to the victims of the occupation during World War II, which was erected in Ansgar Anlæg in Odense in 1950.

Lund-Jensen specialized in female figures, and during his career he created more than 50 sculptures. His best-known work is probably the sculpture Amanda from 1954, which stands by the harbour in Kerteminde.

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