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Tróndur Sverri Patursson, 2005

About the work

Vejle’s well-known multi-storey car park, Tróndur, has obtained a prominent place in the cityscape. The primary stair turret facing Volmers Plads has been made as a large stained-glass window by the renowned Faroese glass artist Tróndur Patursson. In the evening, the beautiful colours of the stair turret are highlighted by the light from inside.

The building itself is built as a round concrete construction with facades in masonry and glass. The facade is divided into several heights and adapted to the surroundings. The car park is 37 m wide, 52 m long and is shaped as half circles at both ends. The height of the house is 15 m plus protection. The stair turret is a little higher.

It was acquired by Vejle Municipality in 2005.


About the artist

Tróndur Sverri Patursson, born 1 March 1944, in Kirkjubøur in the Faroe Islands, is considered one of the greatest living artists in the Faroe Islands. However, he is also known as an adventurer and explorer, who sailed all the world’s oceans with Tim Severin.

As an artist Patursson has worked as a painter, a sculptor, and a glass artist. He composed his artistic education of private tuition with Ingalvur af Reyni, through drawing tuition at Glyptoteket in Copenhagen, one year at the Norwegian School of Arts and Crafts and three years at the Statens Kunstakademi in Oslo. The artistic and experimental approach is repeated by Tróndur as an artist, as he works in iron, copper, driftwood, whale bones, etc. His often monumental sculptures, are very expressive and vividly made, inspired by nature, filled with colours and structure, and at the same time very decorative.

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