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Pontus Kjermann, 2001

About the work

Englekatten (The Angel Cat) by the drinking fountain is part of the trinity of sculptures at Orla Lehmannsgade and the pedestrian street in Vejle.

The sculpture is a drinking water fountain depicting a winged lioness or angel cat leaning on a large, monumental stone or rune stone. On the stone a plate depicting a sun is placed. It is a copy of a plate from around year zero, found in a grave in Agersbøl. The grate below the stone has a pattern that is copied from another grave find from the period 375-600, that is, before the Jelling stone got runes in the late 900s. On the Jelling stone, Denmark is mentioned for the first time on Danish soil, and therefore the stories of Midgårdsbrønden and Englekatten take place before Denmark was formed.

Maybe the angel cat or the lioness is the mother of the 3 lion cubs in Midgårdsbrønden.

Englekatten was acquired by City Vejle in 2001.

About the artist

Pontus Kjermann was born in Gothenburg in 1954. He went to Denmark to be educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1979 to 1985. He made his debut at the Artists’ Autumn Exhibition in 1981 and has since exhibited several acclaimed places. Since 1985, he has been an associate professor at the School of Sculptors, specializing in plaster. In addition, he has performed numerous ornamentation assignments at home and abroad. He is a member of the Artists’ Society and Corner (2004).

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