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Børge Jørgensen, 1971

About the work

The sculpture group Miljø (Environment) consists partly of low, spherical shapes, with long, thin tubes that seem to create head, body, and limbs of human-like figures. These figures crawl and move along the ground. Nearby are some tall, antenna-like poles that look like they are communicating out into space. This creates an intriguing contrast between the two types of figures, the down-to-earth ones crawling along the ground and the tall slender ones reaching up towards the sky.

According to the artist, the inspiration for Miljø comes from TV reports from the famine in the Republic of Biafra, around 1970, where hungry children crawled around with distended stomachs. At the same time, the superpowers, the United States and the USSR, were waging a high-tech war over satellites in space. The shapes show the incomprehensible paradox between famine in the Third World and the high-tech choices of the rich countries.

The sculptures were acquired by Vejle Municipality in 1971.


About the artist

Børge Jørgensen, 1926-1998, was a Danish self-taught artist. Early in his career, he made figurative sculptures in granite. Inspired by Robert Jacobsen, he started from approx. 1960 to experiment with sheet iron, and with this more flexible material he created works in a more abstract design language. His motifs and designs are inspired by humans and animals. Over the years, Jørgensen completed many ornamentation assignments throughout Denmark.

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