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Kristian von Hornsleth, 2013

About the work

The big star at the library is part of Kristian Hornsleth’s worldwide art project, Deep Storage Project. There are two stars in total; one is here in front of you and the other is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The project is based on the idea of ​​eternal life, and the artist himself describes Stjernen (The Star) as a tribute to man’s division between self-destruction and visions of the future. The star is inspired by human curiosity and the challenges it presents, according to Hornsleth.

The Deep Storage Project ran over a period of 5 years, culminating in a similar steel star being sunk into the Marianas Trench, containing DNA samples from 4,000 people. The sculpture you are facing is 8 metres high and 11 metres wide and is identical to the one that is currently on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

A documentary has been made about the project, entitled Hornsleth - in deep water. The documentary premiered on 18 November 2014 on DR2 and follows the artist from the start of the project to the immersion of the star.

The sculpture is sponsored by Business Vejle, local educational institutions and the local business community, who ensured that the star provided Vejle with a unique work of art, which is the country’s largest free-standing steel sculpture. Stjernen was inaugurated on 8 November 2013.


About the artist

Kristian von Hornsleth with his colourful personality and controversial paintings is one of Denmark’s most successful artists. Hornsleth is a student from Herlufsholm Boarding School and was later educated at the Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture in the period 1988-94. He became publicly known when he launched his Uganda village project in 2006. The project was to get an entire village population to take his last name, in return for a pig or goat. The project aroused great indignation, but Hornsleth has always been adept at attracting attention. He has the guts for creating provocative art that, among other things, offers paintings on everything from canvas to Lamborghinis or Ducati motorcycles.

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