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James Reineking, 1994

About the work

Negative Shift was created in 1987 by American artist James Reineking. Since the 1970s, Reineking has focused on steel sculptures and most often with right angles as a starting point. These are pruned, bent, and rearranged. The two-dimensional lines are transformed into three-dimensional shapes. Thus, Negative Shift keeps moving from negative shape to positive shape, changing from square to triangle, as you move around the sculpture. Try walking around the sculpture to see it change shape in line with the perspective.

The work was acquired in 1994, as a gift to Vejle Municipality from local businesspeople.


About the artist

James Reineking (1937-2018) was born in North Dakota, USA, and was an American sculptor and illustrator. He studied at various American universities and in 1967 graduated with a Master of Fine Arts. He then taught at various universities, until he travelled to New York in 1970. Since 1980 he lived and worked in Germany where, as a sculptor, he was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1990 to 2003. Reineking participated in many major international exhibitions.

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