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Asger Buus Olsen, 1992

About the work

The bird temple was created as part of the culture week “Kultursymfonien” in Vejle in 1992. The artist believed that the sculpture’s ornamentation has special and magical properties that make you a better person when you walk through it. Fugletemplet was set up in 1992 as an entrance portal to the library garden.


About the artist

Asger Buus Olsen (1957-2010) was a musician and self-taught artist with local roots in Vejle. For more than 20 years, he made paintings and drawings, as well as sculptures in granite and wood. Asger Buus Olsen was an artist who was not afraid to develop, and over time he immersed himself in simplistic expression, but at the same time he had an eye for the aesthetics and the narrative of the works.

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