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Parent Body - sample 10, 2019

In her artistic practice, Anu Ramdas draws attention to the complexity that lies between the idea and what is sensed; the seen and the unseen. With a point of departure in Indian astrology and the photographic medium, Ramdas applies philosophical, linguistic and theoretical ideas to create works of existential

In her work Parent Body – sample 10, Ramdas links the Indian meditation breathing technique Pranayama, to NASA’s space elevator: A transport system
from earth to space, which moves the human body from one space to another, like a lift. In outer space, our bodies float and our senses are reactivated. The
work is based on the idea that the human body has the potential to sense and experience the world in ways that make us feel more connected to each other
and the world we live in. In her own practice, Ramdas uses specific meditation techniques to generate the sensory impact on her own body. These are
recorded as drawings, which each day appear in different shapes and colours.

The work Parent Body – sample 10 is thus one of the many records of Ramdas’ body, which is seen as a transparent sculpture during the day, while at night
reflects a range of colours and is illuminated by luminescent stones.

Photo: David Stjernholm