læs højtvm-speaker

The Scapegoat, 2019

Frederik Worm’s The Scapegoat is a hybrid of model/sculpture/architecture.

The Scapegoat is a floating enclave, defined by Worm as ‘extra-territorial’. At a distance, the work can be experienced as a floating autonomous structure, a dissident from the rest of the exhibition. At close range, the audience can experience a geo-cinematic interpretation of the fjord’s prestigious buildings and global/local ambitions. The work can be read as the Danish idiom ‘owls in the bog’ (something fishy going on) on a fjord where ‘the floor is lava’.

Frederik Worm uses sculptural and cinematic techniques to construct portraits and models of the public landscape in his works. He zooms in on significant manifestations and architecture such as Henning Larsen’s ‘Bølgen’ and produces new ways of navigating in the public space. Worm questions how the animation of our environment affects our sense of community and of belonging to a place in a world where there is a growing need for a sanctuary.

Photo: David Stjernholm