læs højtvm-speaker

Water Wet Nurse, 2019

Mia Edelgart’s practice is rooted in eco-feminist themes and issues. Edelgart is engaged in various artist collectives and groups on an equal footing with her
individual practice, where she works with long-term research-based projects.

Her ongoing study of the role of the wet nurse through various times and cultures relates to issues of maternity, right of property and ways to relate to
the sources and bodies from where resources are extracted.

The work Water Wet Nurse is a meeting between Cry Me a River’s concept about Venusmira and Edelgart’s ongoing research. The sculpture depicts reflections on bodies (including the ocean as a larger body), in-/voluntarily included in production systems where they are drained, milked or possibly contribute with pleasure.

Part of the shape of the figure is inspired by the Demodex F. mite, who lives in the face and around the nipples of humans, without us noticing it. The reference to the mite can be read as a way of perspectivating ecosystems on a micro/macro scale.

Danish title: 'Pattedyr'

Photo: David Stjernholm