læs højtvm-speaker

The World Crumbled To Thundering Applause, 2019

The World Crumbled To Thundering Applause poses a response to the mythology and universe of the sci-fi trilogy.

Three chain links, representing past, present and future, as well as the three books, the three worlds, and the three planets. The silhouette of the sculpture subtly resembles a lit candle, the highest teardrop its flickering flame, the smaller drops its dried wax. The form of the chain-links, its body, both sinking and eroding. A metaphor for the passing of time, and eventual extinction of everything we know and hold dear.

Chromed to a mirror finish, shimmering like sweat from a mercury river. The silver tears that trickle down the chain-links reflect the surrounding world.
Reflecting the ever-changing colours of the sky, from sharp sunrises, to dreamy sunsets.

The chain-links are a hot, electric fluorescent orange, a colour associated with danger and warning. As the past sinks beneath the waves, we’ve only so much time until the present and our short future follow.

Photo: David Stjernholm