læs højtvm-speaker

Seabird, 2019 A Salute to Seabird, 2019

Beatričé Mockevičiūtés work is concerned with the possibility of capturing the fleeting and the ephemeral within the concreteness and materiality of things. Every object, be it a family house or a cargo truck, even though thoroughly crafted by a human, has a side to it which manifests the unintentional, the useless and the accidental.

In Cry Me a River, Beatričé Mockevičiūté present two pieces specifically created for the exhibition. The first one, floating in the water is called Seabird. It is a reflection of light, which used to glister on a wall of a building in Vilnius before it was captured, cast in steel and brought to the fjord. It imagines a time after the great ecological threats of the world have gotten their way, and, as a result, the humans, which used to determine everything with their eyes and language are no longer there.

The second work, Salute to Seabird, is placed on the stairs in front of Bølgen. It is also a reflection of light, but one that lurked on a different building before thus adding one place on top of another as sci-fi stories slide between different spaces and time.

Photo: David Stjernholm